University of Bristol Inorganic and Materials Chemistry

Previous Seminars and Meetings

Gordon Stone Lecturers

1991 Professor FA Cotton
Texas A&M University
Forty Years of Inorganic Chemical Research in Retrospect.
1992 Professor R Hoffmann
Cornell University
One Culture.
1993 Professor Lord Lewis, Kt, FRS
University of Cambridge
Metal-Metal Bonds - A Reflection.
1994 Dr Günter Wilke
Max-Planck Institute, Mülheim
Contributions to Homogeneous Catalysis, 1954-1994.
1995 Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson FRS
Imperial College, University of London
Chemical Recollections.
1996 Professor FGA Stone, CBE, FRS
Baylor University, Texas
Transatlantic Organometallic Chemistry - the First 44 Years.
1997 Professor Lawrence Dahl
University of Wisconsin-Madison
New Frontiers in High Nuclearity Metal Carbonyl Clusters.
1999 Professor EW Abel
University of Exeter
From Lappert to Stone via Wilkinson.
2000 Professor H Schmidbaur
Technical University of Munich
Closed-Shell Interactions: The Concept and its Applications in Gold Chemistry.
2001 Professor PM Maitlis, FRS
University of Sheffield
It all began over the Chop Suey... Some Reflections on the Working Life of an Organometallic Chemist.
2002 Professor Alan G MacDiarmid FRS
University of Pennsylvania
Synthetic Metals. A Novel Role for Organic Polymers.
2003 Professor Warren R Roper FRS
University of Auckland, New Zealand
Organometallic Chemistry - and Beyond.
2004 Professor Helmut Werner
University of Würzburg
Building Bridges: A Scientific Adventure and a Personal Consummation.
2005 Professor John Bercaw
California Institute of Technology
Towards a Homogeneous Catalyst for Selective Oxidation of Alkanes Using Dioxygen.
2006 Professor Malcolm Green
University of Oxford
Past, Present and Future Research in Inorganic Chemistry – A Personal View.
2007 Professor Alan Cowley
University of Texas at Austin
Some Past Achievements and Future Directions in Main Group Chemistry.
2008 Professor Robert Grubbs
Ruthenium Complexes for the Olefin Metathesis Reaction
2009 Professor Malcolm Chisholm
Ohio State University
New Generation Polymers from Renewable Resources: New Opportunities for Single-Site Metal Alkoxide Catalysts


Seminars - Autumn 2008/Spring 2009

Monday 3rd November
3.00pm, LT3
Dr Philip Dyer, University of Durham
P-N Compounds: Old Reagents, New Reactions
Monday 17th November
3.00pm, LT3
Professor John McGrady, University of Glasgow
Using computational chemistry to shed light on biological water oxidation
Monday 12th January
3.00pm, LT3
Professor Andy Cooper, University of Liverpool
Microporous Polymers: "Order" from Chaos
Monday 2nd February
3.00pm, LT3
Dr Polly Arnold, University of Edinburgh
Controlled redox and activation reactions in organometallic f-block complexes
Friday 27th February
2.00pm, LT4
Professor Manfred Scheer, University of Regensburg
Complexed Main Group-Congeners of Hydrocarbons in molecular and supramolecular environments
Monday 16th March
3.00pm, LT3
Professor Joseph Schmidt, University of Toledo
Unexpected Activity Trends in Catalytic Coupling Reactions using Hemilabile Phosphino-Imine Chelated Palladium Complexes
Monday 20th April
3.00pm, LT3
Dr Oren Scherman, University of Cambridge
Cucurbiturils in Dynamic Functional Materials
Monday 27th April
3.00pm, LT3
Dr Paul Rousell, AWE
Adventures with Element 94
Friday 8th May
time and venue
to be confirmed
The RSC Ludwig Mond Lecture
Professor Robert Crabtree, Yale University
Recent Developments in Oxidation Catalysis: Molecular Recognition-Induced Selectivity
Monday 11th May
3.00pm, LT3
Dr Mark Murrie, University of Glasgow
A Chemical Approach to Nanoscale Magnets

Stone Lecture and Symposium 2008

The 2008 Gordon Stone lecture, held on 29th October 2008, formed part of a short one-day symposium in celebration of Transition Metal Chemistry.

Professor Guy Lloyd-Jones
University of Bristol
Engaging and decoupling catalytic sub-cycles in transition metal catalysed reactions
Dr Chris Adams
University of Bristol
Towards molecular bits - molecules that can represent binary information
Professor Andrew Weller
University of Oxford
Putting vacant sites to work: Low-coordinate rhodium phosphine organometallics
The Gordon Stone Lecture
Professor Robert Grubbs
Ruthenium Complexes for the Olefin Metathesis Reaction


Research Seminars - Spring/Summer 2008

Monday 11th February
3.00pm, LT3
Dr George Britovsek, Imperial College London
Tuning the Reactivity of Non-Heme Iron Catalysts for the Oxidation of Alkanes
Monday 3rd March
3.00pm, LT3
Dr Mark Lowe, University of Leicester
New Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applications
Tuesday 11th March
3.00pm, LT1
Professor Bruno Chaudret, CNRS, Toulouse
Organometallic Nanoparticles
Monday 21st April
3.00pm, LT3
Professor Julius Vancso, University of Twente
Intelligent poly(ferrocenylsilanes): From molecular motors to controlled release
Monday 28th April
3.00pm, LT3
Professor Ingo Krossing, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
From Superweak Anions to Lewis Super Acids
Wednesday 7th May
3.00pm, LT3
Professor Paul Pregosin, ETH, Zurich
NMR Spectroscopy, Ion Pairing and Homogeneous Catalysis
Monday 12th May
3.00pm, LT3
Professor Todd Marder, University of Durham
Diethynylrhodacyclopentadienes: A new class of luminescent organometallics
Wednesday 14th May
4.15pm, LT1
RSC Centenary Lecture
Professor Don Tilley, Berkeley, USA
New Bond Activations at Transition Metal Centers: Fundamental Studies and Applications to Catalysis


Research Seminars - Autumn 2007

Monday 29th October
3.00pm, LT3
Dr Natalie Fey, University of Bristol
Exploring Ligand Effects - Mechanisms, Maps and Models
Monday 19th November
3.00pm, LT3
Dr Paul Barker, University of Cambridge
Haem proteins as components of self-assembling, electronic materials
Monday 26th November
3.00pm, LT3
Dr Janet Scott, Unilever
Modulation of material properties by intermolecular interactions; "poor" ionic liquids and responsive crystalline materials
Tuesday 4th December
4.15pm, LT3
Professor Kalman Szabo, University of Stockholm
One-Pot Transformations Involving Catalytic Generation of Allyl Boronates
Wednesday 5 th December
4.30pm, LT4
Professor Francois P Gabbai, Texas A&M
Cationic boranes. Synthesis, reduction chemistry and anion complexation


Research Seminars - Spring/Summer 2007

Monday 29th January
3.00pm, LT4
Dr Lee Brammer, The University of Sheffield
Halogen-mediated supramolecular chemistry in the solid state: interactions and reactions
Monday 5th February
3.00pm, LT4
Professor Walter Leitner, Aachen University
Green Solvents for Catalysis: From Molecular Understanding to Process Design
Monday 12th February
3.00pm, LT4
The Tilden Lecture
Professor Matt Rosseinsky, Liverpool
New Chemistry of Multifunctional Oxides and Nanoporous Materials
Monday 12th March
3.00pm, LT4
Professor David Haddleton, Warwick
Title to be announced
Monday 30 th April
2.15pm, LT4
Professor Markus Antonietti, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam
Controlled Synthesis of Crystalline Nanoparticles and their Controlled Assembly
Monday 14th May
3.00pm, LT4
Professor Steve Nolan, ICIQ Tarragona
Recent Developments in the use of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes in Homogeneous catalysis
Wednesday 16th May
Professor Manfred Scheer, University of Regensburg
Main-Group-Element Ligands in Oligomeric and Polymeric Environments


Research Seminars - Autumn 2006

Monday 23rd October
3.00pm, LT4
Professor Chris Reed, University of California, Riverside
Carborane Acids: Strong yet Gentle Acids for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
Monday 6th November
3.00pm, LT4
Professor Geoff Cloke, University of Sussex
f-Element Pentalene and Cyclooctatetraene Complexes: Sandwich Complexes, Bimetallics, and Small Molecule Activation
Monday 20th November
3.00pm, LT2
The Sir Edward Frankland Lecture
Professor Odile Eisenstein, Université de Montpellier II
Simple Ideas for d0 Olefin Metathesis Catalyst Design from a DFT Perspective
(Held jointly with the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Section)
Monday 4th December
3.00pm, LT4
Dr Michael Hill, Imperial College London
New Paradigms in Heavier s- and p-Block Chemistry
Monday 11th December
3.00pm, LT4
Professor Michael Bruce, Adelaide University
Carbon Rich Complexes - Some Recent Results


Main Group Chemistry Symposium - July 2006

To launch the new Bristol Centre for Main Group Chemistry, a one-day symposium was held on 28th July 2006 with contributions from leading international experts in Main Group Chemistry. A list of speakers and talks is given below.

Professor Guy Bertrand, UCR-CNRS Joint Research Laboratory, University of California, Riverside, USA
Chemistry With and Without Main Group Elements: What a Difference?
Professor Tristram Chivers, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
New Aspects of the Chemistry of Heavy Chalcogens
Professor Neil Burford, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada
Homoatomic P-P Coordination Complexes: A New Direction in the Chemistry of Phosphorus
Professor Derek Gates, University of British Columbia, Canada
Putting P into Polymers: Synthetic Approaches to Functional Organophosphorus Macromolecules
Professor Charles MacDonald, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Low Oxidation State Main Group Compounds: Vresatile New Reagents and Unique Chemistry
Professor Cameron Jones, Cardiff University
Group 13 Metal(I) Heterocycles: Metal Donor Lewis Bases and N-heterocyclic Carbene Analogues
Dr Simon Aldridge, Cardiff University
Transition Metal - Group 13 Element Multiple Bonds
Professor Paul Ragogna, University of Western Ontario, Canada
The Synthesis and Chemistry of Substituted Se-N Ring Systems and the Development of Phosphonium Ionic Liquids Containing Ferrocene

Research Seminars - Spring/Summer 2006

16th January 2006
3.00pm, LT4
Professor Ian Hamley, University of Leeds
Hierarchical order in polypeptide-containing block copolymers
27th January 2006
2.30pm, LT2
Professor Geoffery Ozin, University of Toronto
Air Crystals
A lecture on photonic band-gap materials.
30th January 2006
3.00pm, LT4
Dr Helma Wennemers, University of Basel
Peptides - from molecular recognition to asymmetric catalysis
6th February 2006
3.00pm, LT4
RSC Easterfield Lecture
Dr Kathryn McGrath, University of Wellington, New Zealand
Calcium carbonate crystallisation: the roles of chemical functionality, kinetics and soft templation
20th February 2006
3.00pm, LT4
Professor Brian Mann, University of Sheffield
Carbon monoxide may save your life
6th March 2006
3.00pm, LT4
RSC Geoffrey Wilkinson Lecture
Professor David Cole-Hamilton, University of St Andrews
Tiny but perfectly formed - the magic world of nanoparticles
6th March 2006
4.15pm, LT4
Professor Gridnev, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
Chiral tetraphosphine and chiral three-hindered quadrant diphosphine as ligands in Rh-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation: mechanistic revelations
20th March 2006
3.00pm, LT4
Professor Julian Vincent, University of Bath
Nanofibrous composites from biology: versatility, intelligence and biomimetics
22nd March 2006
1.45pm, LT4
Professor Paul Dyson, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Development of biphasic ionic liquid catalysis
29th June 2006
4.15pm, LT4
Penny Brothers, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Boron porphyrins - unusual structures and unexpected redox chemistry for both boron and the porphyrin.
7th July 2006
3.00pm, LT4
Professor Richard Spontak, North Carolina State University
New Opportunities for Block Copolymers: From Homologous Designer Molecules to Dynamic Multicomponent Systems


Research Seminars - Autumn 2005

11th October 2005
3.00pm, LT3
Dr Helmut Cölfen, Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces
Non classical crystallization
31st October 2005
3.00pm, LT4
Dr Nico Sommerdijk, Eindhoven University of Technology
Self-Assembled Templates for the Nucleation of CaCO3: The Importance of Adaptability and Time Resolved Electron Microscopy
7th November 2005
3.00pm, LT4
Professor Duncan Bruce, University of York
Adventures with Liquid Crystals - from the Non-covalent to the Solid State
24th November 2005
1.45pm, LT3
Professor Holger Braunschweig, University of Würzburg
Boron in the coordination sphere of transition metals: borametallocenophanes and borylene complexes


Gordon Stone Lecture and Symposium 2005

The 2005 Gordon Stone lecture formed part of a short one-day symposium that celebrated the new shape of Inorganic Chemistry in Bristol. Click on the images below for larger versions.

Professor Guy Orpen presents Professor John Bercaw with a souvenir of the 2005 Gordon Stone Lecture Speakes at the 2005 Gordon Stone Lecture and Symposium Speakers, session chairs and organisers of the 2005 Gordon Stone Lecture and Symposium

The programme of talks is given below.

The Marie Curie Lecture
Professor Ian Manners, University of Bristol
Functional and Supramolecular Metallopolymers.
Dr Charl Faul, University of Bristol
Conductivity, Recognition and Chirality - (Old) Functions in New Materials?
Dr Robin Bedford, University of Bristol
Ironing out the Wrinkles in Secondary Alkyl Coupling.
Dr Duncan Wass, University of Bristol
Metallopolymers Metal Phosphine Complexes for Alkene Polymerisation and Oligomerisation Catalysis.
The Gordon Stone Lecture
Professor John Bercaw, California Institute of Technology
Towards a Homogeneous Catalyst for Selective Oxidation of Alkanes Using Dioxygen.


Research Seminars - Spring 2005

18th January 2005
Professor Donald Fitzmaurice University College, Dublin
Templated Assembly of Nanowires and Nanoswitches
15th February 2005
Professor Fraser Armstrong University of Oxford
Hydrogen Cycling by Enzymes: Electrocatalysis and Implications for Future Energy Technology
22nd February 2005
Dr Emma Raven University of Leicester
The chemistry of iron-catalysed biological oxidation: Exploring structure, function, and substrate binding in a heme peroxidase enzyme
8th March 2005
Professor Julio Perez University of Oviedo, Spain
Reactivity of New Molybdenum and Rhenium Hydroxo, Alkoxo, Amido, Alkylideneamido and Phosphido Complexes
10th March 2005
Professor Gerrit ten Brinke University of Groningen
Self-assembled supramolecules under shear: alignment, reinforcement and collapse
11th March 2005
Prof Olli Ikkala Helsinki University of Technology
Responsive materials based on hierarchically self-assembled polymeric complexes
21st March 2005
Mike Green Research Director, Sasol
Selective Oligomerisation of Ethylene: Novel Catalyst Systems for the production of 1-Hexene and 1-Octene
15th April 2005
Professor Philip P Power University of California, Davis
RSC Ludwig Mond Lecture: s-electron Deficiency in Chemistry


Research Seminars - Autumn 2004

5th October 2004
Dr David Brown University of Bath
Copper and Prion Disease
19th October 2004
Dr Lee Cronin University of Glasgow
Setting the Trap: Approaches to the Capture and Molecular Growth of Polyoxometalate Clusters
16th November 2004
Dr Simon Aldridge University of Cardiff
Cationic terminal diyl complexes - Multiple bonding between transition metals and group 13 elements
23rd November 2004
Professor Derek Woolfson University of Sussex
Rational design of peptide-based nanostructures and materials from the bottom-up
7th December 2004
Dr Vesselin Paunov University of Hull
Non-traditional applications of microcontact printing and gel trapping techniques
14th December 2004
Dr Robin Bedford University of Exeter
Orthometallation in catalysis: from high-activity catalysts to new reactions