Dr. Richard Kilby

I graduated from Cambridge in 2000 with a B.A., M.Sci. in Natural Sciences (Chemistry).  My Ph.D., which I undertook in Bristol with Prof. S. A. R. Knox, was in the synthesis and reactivity of diruthenium m-cumulene (unsaturated carbene) complexes.  I started working in the Russell group in 2004 and spoke at the 229th American Chemical Society national meeting in March 2005, presenting aspects of the groups work on main group cyclopentadienyl mimics.



Cheryl Fish

After I finished my first degree at UMIST I decided to study for a PhD at Bristol because of their beautiful labs and excellent facilities. I was enthused by the chance to not only conduct my own synthetic work but to learn other practical techniques such as NMR spectroscopy and X-ray  crystallography which I may not have had the opportunity to do elsewhere.


Nicola Dinsdale

I arrived in  Bristol in 2003 after obtaining my masters at the University of Leicester. I chose Bristol as the chemistry department is one of the best in the country and it offered me the opportunity to become proficient in analytical techniques such as X-ray crystallography. Working for Chris has allowed me to become experienced in a wide range of techniques including schlenk line and glove box techniques.


Olly Presly

I originally came to Bristol for my first degree in 1999. Upon graduation, I trained as a teacher of English as a foreign language (TEFL) and worked in Bandung, Indonesia for two years before returning to Bristol to start my PhD in 2004.  Coming back was an easy choice as I really enjoyed my time as an undergraduate in this department and the facilities and reputation for research are outstanding.


Stephen Mansell

I did my first degree at Imperial College and came to Bristol to start my PhD in 2005.  I've worked on a range of projects including heavy group 14 analogues of NHCs, reactive phosphaalkyne chemistry through to stable boron radicals


Tom Hooper



Nigel Adamson



Lily Hassan



Former Group Members

Sara Grocott

I came to Bristol in 2003 after my first degree in Chemistry with Forensic Science at the University of Bradford. The chemistry department in Bristol has a very different focus to my first institution and has given me great opportunities to experience new chemistry and to learn many characterisation techniques in a "hands on" way. Bristol is a very enjoyable city to live and work in and the chemistry department is excellently equipped to learn in and further my career.


Dr. John Slattery

I came to Bristol in 2001 after finishing my first degree at the University of Nottingham. The chemistry department in Bristol is a great place to do research, the facilities are good and the ability to gain "hands on" experience with techniques such as single crystal X-ray diffraction and multinuclear NMR spectroscopy has given me a good breadth of experience. John was awarded the RSC Laurie Vergnano award in 2005 and a Roche Fellowship to allow him to undertake postdoctoral work with Professor Ingo Krossing at EPFL, Lausanne.

Research Topic

Dr. May Copsey

I started my Ph.D. Bristol in 2000 after graduating from the Chemistry with Industrial Experience course at Bristol. My Ph.D. was great fun and a steep learning curve, and it's allowed me to do postdoctoral studies with Professor Tris Chivers at the University of Calgary.