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Chemistry continues to exert a broad impact across many disciplines of science and the ability to control and direct formulations is evidently of prime importance. The aim of our work is to investigate making new molecules and probing novel synthetic methods. Our target molecules are not minor variants on previously discovered species but are novel and exciting systems in their own right. We draw our inspiration from a range of sources, some targeted (such as trying to engineer chemistry to deliver  a single atom to a substrate) and some more esoteric (such as trying to make ever larger Li+ ion containing cages). In addition, we have recently begun to explore the chemistry of those elements on the periphery of the transition series (those with d0 and d10 configurations) and their applications in organic transformations and catalysis.

These web pages offer a snapshot of our work - for a detailed insight into our psyche I would direct you to our publications page which contains links to many of the papers.

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