The department of chemistry at the University of Bristol is exceptionally well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for both teaching and research chemistry. A detailed description of facilities in the department can be found on the departmental website at Our laboratory is located in the new synthetic chemistry building (opened 1999), which was specifically designed with synthetic chemistry in mind. The amenities and safety features of the building provide an excellent environment within which to carry out research work.

Chris in the lab
Chris in the lab
The labs and fumecupboards
work areas
Working and write-up areas

The department is well equipped with instrumentation that allows research to be carried out at the forefront of international science. Many instruments (e.g. spectrometers and diffractometers) are available for "hands on" use after the appropriate training. Links to some of the facilities more commonly used by the group are shown below.

NMR Spectroscopy X-ray Diffraction Mass Spectrometry Microanalysis

Our work particularly relies on single crystal X-ray diffraction and multinuclear NMR spectroscopy and group members are trained to operate these machines independently. This training is extremely valuable during a research project within the group and provides key skills for a future career in chemistry - either in industry or academic research. In addition, training and hands on experience in other areas, such as DFT and ab initio calculations, catalysis etc. are possible depending on the nature of the project.

NMR spectroscopy
Mounting a single crystal

The department also has a well equipped library, located at the centre of the chemistry building, containing a large collection of reference materials and journals. Full electronic access to most journals is also provided, including access to early issues where available.

In addition to learning new synthetic and analytical skills we encourage group members to travel to national and international conferences to meet other scientists and present their work to other researchers in the field. This may take the form of poster presentations or oral presentations. Recently, members of our group have attended the 229th American Chemical Society Meeting in San Diego where Dr. Richard Kilby gave an oral presentation and Cheryl Fish and Nicola Dinsdale gave poster presentations.

ACS Meeting
Richard and Cheryl in San Diego.
Poster Presentation
Cheryl presenting a poster to the ACS.